360 degrees of service.

For most private practices, a typical billing company isn’t enough. Because your needs go beyond just billing. Optimal financial health requires a comprehensive approach with a proven track record. And it requires someone who actually understands your business.

Our group of anesthesiologists created a tailored approach to billing that utilizes cutting-edge tools that not only provide a clear and detailed picture of the fiscal health of a practice—but a clear and detailed plan to make it financially stronger. We study business opportunities, revenue cycles, industry trends and healthcare regulations so you don’t have to. CABS takes care of the fiscal health of your practice so you can focus on your patients.

Analytics & Reporting

Identifying strengths and weaknesses in the revenue cycle, including billing and coding errors, can eliminate many payment delays—and provide data you can act on.

Billing & Collections Technology

CABS aggressively and immediately pursues collections from all parties. Our average is just 30-34 days in AR, eliminating the need for collections agencies.


In-depth compliance training ensures every employee understands the importance of the process and minimizes waste, fraud and abuse.

Clinical Tools

Our comprehensive resource system was designed to boost efficiencies, outcomes, patient safety—and even reimbursements.

How usable is your data, really?

Truly usable data is critical to your practice’s financial success. Are you tracking payer trends to use as leverage during contract negotiations? (The more trends and predictable outcomes you can show, the more negotiation power you have.)