Analytics & Reporting

Data you can work with.

Our team of physician consultants uses a thorough practice analysis to help you identify missed contracting opportunities, negotiate with third-party vendors and determine ways to increase revenue. Our reporting offers information of real value, and it’s available to you any time with a simple click of a button—not just once a month. (After all, it’s your data, not ours. And you should be able to retrieve it when you need it.)

Leverage your value

Does your current billing provider generate reports that mean nothing to you? CABS provides reporting that’s actually valuable, arming you with black-and-white information to help you leverage your value with hospitals, surgical peers and third-party vendors.

Recover lost wages

If your paycheck varies month to month, or if you’re experiencing unexplained loss of revenue, we can help. Our experts will dissect your practice’s billing to determine areas of high risk, and then customize a plan to minimize future losses.

Market Evaluation

Understanding your market is invaluable. But it’s key to also understand how major changes in health benefit structures can affect your bottom line. Our experts monitor both local market trends and volatile healthcare regulations so you don’t have to—ensuring your information is always up-to-date.

Real-Time Reporting

Our cloud-based technology generates real-time reporting for coding, billing and collections with the click of a button. Combined with our unparalleled technology, it’s a safety net that provides current insurance rules and pay-for-performance incentives, thus eliminating mistakes on the backend.

Have you converted to EHR?

Healthcare Reform is dictating the way the healthcare community stores and shares patient information. It’s forcing an overhaul of existing data exchange services to ensure security and immediacy. Converting to Electronic Health Records is a huge undertaking, but we can help.