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Billing & Collections Technology

Customized programs. Aggressive approach.

We care about every dollar that’s out there for you to claim. The CABS billing platform offers the latest technology, brings the most value for your investment and maximizes your bottom line. From startup to day-to-day operations, we evaluate and customize billing solutions based on a group’s anesthesia model, payer mix and unique market industry challenges. CABS works to accelerate and maximize your collections with a vigilant frontend process and compression of the revenue cycle. Our technology is backed by comprehensive business services:

Clean Claim Submission

Our vigilant frontend process ensures clean claims, which won’t be denied by insurance providers. Our clean claims rate is 96%, which drives a much faster revenue return.

Insurance Management

Today, most insurance plans come with high deductibles, making the patient responsible for larger portions of healthcare costs. Our instant insurance verification allows us to identify patients with high deductible plans before we submit a claim. This queues any necessary patient payment first to the facility and/or the surgeon, while positioning you to be paid by insurance.

Payment Posting

CABS collects 99% of all insurance responsibility payments, with an industry leading number of just 30-34 days in AR—including instances of high-deductive holds.

Aggressive Denial Management

CABS is unique in that we have a dedicated team of “backend reps” to manage each claim. When a claim is denied, we contact the insurance company immediately to correct the claim and resubmit. Meanwhile, our customer service department reaches out to patients daily, even setting up payment plans when necessary. Because it’s important to remember that AR has two sides—insurance and patient responsibility—and to work both sides simultaneously and aggressively.

How usable is your data, really?

Truly usable data is critical to your practice’s financial success. Are you tracking payer trends to use as leverage during contract negotiations? (The more trends and predictable outcomes you can show, the more negotiation power you have.)