Reducing risk. Minimizing mistakes. Boosting productivity.

In today’s regulatory environment, corporate compliance programs are mandatory. They’re effective in reducing the risk of legal action and government audit, and they create a “good faith effort” in combating fraud, waste and abuse. We provide all new clients with a comprehensive compliance training session, and the compliance manager assigned to your practice will help to optimize proper payment, minimize billing mistakes, speed claims processing and avoid conflict with federal laws.

Transitioning to EHR (Electronic Health Records)

We know transitioning to electronic records sounds daunting, but our compliance team can help. We pride ourselves on the integrity of our team and the reliability of our computer systems. We’ve implemented administrative and technical safeguards to ensure accuracy, security and client accessibility.

Anonymous Misconduct Reporting

A compliance incident form is available for any employee to anonymously report known or suspected misconduct. In fact, it’s the duty of every employee to report offenses and/or suspicions that involve violation of any federal, state, contractual or CABS standard. Together, we can provide a safeguard against fraud, misconduct and subsequent revenue losses.

Please fill out the compliance incident form and mail to:

Capital Anesthesia Billing Services
Attn: Compliance Department
200 Providence Road, Suite 101
Charlotte NC, 28207

Are you negotiating healthcare payer contracts?

Analysis and negotiation of contracts is essential to sustaining viable revenue. Are you establishing (and demonstrating!) dollar value on tangible and intangible items? Or are you simply taking what the payer offers?